Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked printed ceiling tile questions.

What is the difference between a translucent tile (light lens) and an acoustic tile?

The primary difference is that our translucent tiles are printed using a transparent media that is ideally suited for a backlit application. Acoustic tiles are not meant to be backlit and should be installed in a standard drop ceiling.

When will my order ship?

Most orders ship within 10 business days from the receipt of your purchase order. However, larger orders that involve the production of hundreds of tiles may require additional time. If you would like an estimate for your job or have a specific time frame for your project, please let us know. Please note that all of our products are made to order, therefore your job will be custom made based on the specifications of your location.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We have successfully filled orders at locations all over the globe. We can provide custom shipping quotes for your international projects.

Can we use our own photographs?

We have completed projects for several customers featuring their own imagery. However, it is important to note that most camera and photographic techniques cannot be reproduced at large sizes. If you have questions regarding a particular photograph, please contact us.

How large can you make a ceiling?

We are limited only by the size of your ceiling. We have successfully completed projects that involve a single image continuously spanning over several hundred tiles. To achieve this, we work with the most talented photographers in the world, through our exclusive partnership with National Geographic, combining their expertise with our proprietary techniques to develop images that can be reproduced at massive sizes without any deterioration in the image quality. The resulting image can be reproduced over 30 times larger than the highest quality single photograph currently available. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not rely on software to “res-up” photographs because this degrades the quality of the image. We also do not repeat a pattern of images across a ceiling for larger installations. With Ceiling Scenes, you can expect the highest quality, best looking scenes available.

Please note that not all of our images are capable of being reproduced at these sizes. If you have a large project and would like to know what images would be ideally suited for your project, our design team can assist you in the image selection process.

What type of lighting should we use?

We recommend that customers use full spectrum or day-light bulbs. However, many of our customers use different lighting depending on the type of ceiling and the effect they are trying to achieve. Consult your lighting professional for further details.

Will the translucent tile affect the light transmission from my existing lighting?

Yes, our translucent tiles are not meant to be “task light” or serve as your primary source of lighting within a given area. The translucent tiles will provide light to the room, but we do not recommend that they be used as the only light source in that area.

Is research available on the benefits of your product?

Over the past 30 years, there have been hundreds of research reports demonstrating the positive effects of incorporating natural environment into facility design. Combining nature and design can reduce stress and depression, influence behavior, enhance positive social response, and improve overall staff productivity. In recent years, designers and architects have increasingly incorporated these design concepts into countless facilities based on the conclusive nature of research results and positive feedback given by people who live, work, and play in facilities that have embraced these design techniques.