From medical facilities to elevators to classrooms, Ceiling Scenes can improve the mood, and make tight spaces seem wide open. Nothing feels quite like being in the outdoors with a big blue sky overhead, and Ceiling Scenes can bring that feeling back indoors with you.


Ceiling Scenes can enhance your patient experience. Looking up at a serene image has been proven to improve clinical outcomes as well as delight patients. Or, use a Call Don’t Fall ceiling tile to help prevent patient falls.

Sky & Tree Ceiling Tiles in Private Practice by Ceiling Scenes

Private Practices

Do your patients spend most of their time lying down? Make dental exams, physical therapy sessions, chiropractic visits, and yearly physicals more comfortable by installing Ceiling Scenes sky ceilings in your office.


Noise reduction is a must in restaurants. So is eye-catching design. Combine the two with our acoustic ceiling tiles or light diffuser panels to elevate your dining experience.

Corporate Office Sky Ceiling

Corporate Offices

Employees are happier when their environment includes nature elements. Happier employees are more productive. Productivity positively affects the bottom line.

Senior Communities

Ceiling Scenes provide vivid and serene surroundings for your Senior Residents, delighting them while putting them at ease.

Schools & Education

Captivate your students’ minds and stimulate the imagination with Ceiling Scenes. A map, the periodic table, or the planets are just some of the possibilities to enliven your classroom.

Athletic Facilities

Does your gym have tumbleweeds blowing through it in the summer months? Set your facility apart by bringing the light in. Create a ceiling so beautiful that your yogis will be looking forward to half moon.


Ceiling Scenes aren’t just for businesses. Accent your kitchen, or build your dream home movie room complete with stars and galaxies.

Hotels & Casinos

Define your hotel or casino as a must-see design destination with Ceiling Scenes. A unique ceiling is paramount to a chic atmosphere.