Ceiling tile art

Need to improve your aesthetics while maintaining the architectural integrity of your space? Our decorative ceiling tiles can be printed on translucent, light-backed ceiling tiles, or fiberglass, sound-dampening ceiling tiles. Custom solutions are always available.

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Acoustic CEILING Tile

Lightweight, low maintenance acoustical drop ceiling tiles that provide exceptional noise reduction and insulation. Ceiling Scenes acoustic tiles come in two standard sizes which fit in a standard size drop ceiling grid, or custom cut to meet your needs.

Light Lens ceiling tile

Translucent ceiling tiles for your existing fluorescent or LED lighting that provide a vibrant and natural feeling. Light Lenses can be used to replace a traditional light diffuser panel in a hinged diffuser frame, beneath a recessed light troffer, or in a drop ceiling with a light suspended above.

Design your own tile

Consult with the Ceiling Scenes team to create a custom ceiling design at any point in your project. Choose your own image for custom ceiling art, or tell us about the unique shape of your ceiling to receive custom cut drop ceiling tiles.  

Our Popular Designs

Combine a sky image with a light lens to create a virtual skylight, or use any other picture to create a beautiful and artistic ceiling mural. All of our decorative ceiling murals are available on either an acoustic ceiling tile or a light lens ceiling tile.

Markets We Serve

Ceiling Scenes can refresh or decorate ceiling tiles in any spaces or homes. From healthcare facilities to your kitchen or kids room, and everything in between, we have a decorative ceiling tile solution for you. Create ceiling murals that inspire, relax, or distract.

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