Installation Tips

Installation Tips

Installing Ceiling Scenes

Ceilings Scenes are modular and are made out of 2 types of tiles. These tiles are either a light lens or an acoustic tile.

Acoustic Tiles

We print our ceiling art directly on the highest quality acoustic tiles which have an class “A” rating in flame spread and smoke generation, the best rating available. Our tiles also feature fiberglass backing, which provides noise reduction and insulation. Ceiling Scenes Acoustic Tiles come in two standard sizes, 24″x24″ and 24″x48″ which fit in a standard size drop ceiling grid. We can also cut the tiles to a custom size to meet your needs.

Light Lens Tiles

Light Lens Ceiling Scenes are printed directly on our translucent tiles. Our standard tile sizes are 24″x24″ or 24″x48″, which fit standard grid sizes. Tiles can be cut to fit your custom size lighting grid as well. A Light Lens can bring the bright vibrant colors of the outdoors back inside with you!

Our Light Lenses can be used in either a trough lighting situation (Fig. A) or in a drop ceiling with a light suspended above (Fig. B)
Note: Because Light Lens translucent tiles are installed in your existing lighting, the light output of the fixture will be decreased.
Fig. A
Trough lighting is one of the most common fluorescent lighting fixtures. The translucent lens is installed by placing the lens on top of the ceiling suspension grid and then placing the trough lighting on top of that. If the trough lighting has a hinged, removable ‘diffuser panel’, that will be removed and replaced by the Ceiling Scenes light lens. Just open the hinged frame, remove the existing diffuser lens and replace it with your Ceiling Scenes translucent tile. Most trough lighting also requires a custom sized light lens, be sure to measure before ordering.
Fig. B
A drop ceiling with a light suspended above the light lens is a great way to illuminate your light lens panel.


Installing Ceiling Scenes is simple. Just remove your existing acoustic tiles or light lens from the hung ceiling (if applicable) and replace them with your new Ceiling Scenes tiles or lenses according to the supplied image grid.

Visit our Installation Gallery to see how others have utilized Ceiling Scenes in a variety of environments to create healthier, more appealing facilities.
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