Do you have a specific vision for the ceiling tiles in your project? Whether it’s a certain image or special layout, let us help you bring it to life with a custom ceiling tile. We have the capability to produce custom ceiling tiles without the cost, volume requirements, manufacturing complexity and lead times traditionally associated with custom ceiling projects. Create a branded environment or relaxing atmosphere in any room.

Custom CEILING Images

The sky’s the limit – we can print almost any image you’d like onto a drop ceiling tile or light diffuser panel to create a custom printed ceiling mural. Whether it’s your own photo or professional stock photo, just tell us what image would complete your environment and we’ll take the lead.

In your place of business, a custom printed ceiling could advertise your latest product or additional services. Medical and dental offices can add a visual distraction. In a learning environment, maps or the alphabet make learning more fun. Change the way you look at your ceiling – it’s a large space of opportunity.

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